Price Range: from 200$ to 10,000,000$
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 10,000 m2
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How to open a business in Turkey?

A foreigner can start a business in Turkey from scratch or relocate it from his country – the republic provides equal rights to all investors. Of course, you must first obtain a residence permit of the country. The most common type of residence permit is the so-called tourist permit. It can be obtained by renting […]

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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish CitizenshipForeigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing their money in the purchase of real estate in the country.  It is quite simple: you need to buy any real estate in Turkey (residential, commercial, land) worth 400 thousand dollars or purchase government securities – bonds worth 500 thousand dollars for 3 years. For this money […]

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Apartment layout in Turkey.

In Turkey, the layout of the apartment is denoted by numbers. The first number indicates the number of bedrooms, the second – the number of living rooms. 0+1 Normal studio, where the living room and kitchen are combined. The area from 35 to 65 sq.m. 1+1 Two-bedroom apartment, where there is one bedroom and a […]

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Inflation in Turkey: Record After Record

The Turkish Institute of Statistics (TÜİK) on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 published inflation data (TÜFE – Consumer Price Index), which was recorded in July this year. According to TÜİK, inflation in Turkey last month was a record 79.60 percent year-on-year, 60.65 percentage points higher than in July 2021. The figure is the highest in the […]

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Turkish renters are facing problems

Turkish renters are facing problems in the pursuit of profit. New tenants are either making late payments or leaving the apartment before the contract expires. What’s wrong? Landlords who are trying to make money by renting out their properties at inflated prices are facing problems. New tenants either don’t make payments at all or leave […]

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Holiday in Turkey has doubled in price

Wednesday, July 13 the Association of Tour Operators (ATOR) has published an article in which it reports about the growth of vacation costs in Turkey by almost 2 times compared to the last year season. However, despite the nearly twofold increase, the shortage of seats on flights to Turkey remains. According to two major federal […]

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Rent increases in Turkey are now restricted by law

Earlier this week, Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag issued a statement according to which the authorities decided to introduce a separate clause in the current law regulating rent increases. Already today, June 11, 2022, Turkey’s official government gazette Resmi Gazete came out with temporary changes to the “Debt Law” (6098 sayılı Türk Borçlar Kanunu), which […]

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