Price Range: from 200$ to 10,000,000$
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 10,000 m2
Other Features
Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship
Foreigners can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing their money in the purchase of real estate in the country. 

It is quite simple: you need to buy any real estate in Turkey (residential, commercial, land) worth 400 thousand dollars or purchase government securities – bonds worth 500 thousand dollars for 3 years.

For this money the foreign investor receives the property object and a big bonus: Turkish citizenship.

By the way, after three years, real estate can be sold and get your money back. And even earn on it – housing in Turkey continues to rise in price rapidly!

Also, you can rent the property and get passive income, or to move to Turkey for permanent residence. Having a Turkish passport, get a job and all the privileges enjoyed by the citizens of Turkey will be much easier.

Turkish passport, in many ways facilitates and simplifies communication with other countries, namely:

– Turkish citizens can visit 112 countries in the world under a simplified option. 
– Entry into 72 countries with a Turkish passport is free, in the rest of the visa is issued on arrival, the process takes a minimum of time.

– Schengen visa.
Getting a Schengen visa as a citizen of Turkey is much easier, especially now, when the world situation is extremely unstable. Turkish citizens can apply for Schengen visa for 5 years. Visa is issued for tourist or business trips. One can stay in any Schengen country with this visa for 90 days within half a year.

– U.S. Visa.
The Turkish passport allows you to obtain an E-2 business visa for the USA. It is worth noting that the U.S. has an E-2 visa agreement with only 83 countries. 
In addition, tourist – non-commercial B-1 / B-2 visas to Turkish citizens are issued by the U.S. for a period of 10 years.

Not only a foreign citizen who bought the property can obtain Turkish citizenship, but also his family members: husband, wife and minor children.

Turkish citizenship gives the right to enjoy all the benefits and benefits that the native residents of Turkey.

Turkey allows dual citizenship. Citizenship documents can begin to be processed as soon as the transaction is completed. 

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