Price Range: from 200$ to 10,000,000$
Land Area Range: from 10 m2 to 10,000 m2
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Welcome to VIX Home

VIX Home is a project of VIX Group. We specialize in real estate investments and construction in Turkey, Antalya region.

Our job is to solve the problems that prevent investors from maximizing their return on investment. By focusing on our client's needs and expectations, we guide our investors to safe and sound investments.

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Who we are?

VIX Group has been providing complex tourism and business services in Turkey since 2013. However, the demand for real estate in Turkey has been growing since 2018. That is why VIX Home appeared. Over the years VIX Group has formed a base of partners and developers with a good history and reputation in the market.

Our Services

Save time and money!
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Consulting Services

We are always in touch with clients. We will tell you in detail about the properties. Choose the best solution based on your preferences and budget. We understand the specifics of the real estate market in the region of Antalya, so we foresee the possible problems and minimize the risks. Ensure long-term profitability of your investment and comfortable living.

Legal Services

We provide full legal support to our clients in the field of purchase and sale, construction, rent and real estate management. In addition, we will help with the financing of the transaction, cadastral registration of property. Draw up contracts for the construction, management and transfer of rights to real estate. We assist in obtaining citizenship or residence permit.

Full Service

If you have decided to invest or buy real estate, we offer you an introductory tour, which is the most effective way to choose the right kind of real estate.
We will meet you at the airport, arrange transfer, book a hotel for the whole period of your stay. We can arrange sightseeing tour around the city, we will show you all the objects of interest.  We will tell you about documents registration for real estate, residence permit, citizenship. At your request, we help you open a business in Turkey, or solve other problems.

The tour lasts for 4 days. In the case of a real estate deal, all organizational costs are incurred.

Interior Design & Renovation

We will form an interior design and furnishing project, organize turnkey repairs, find proven contractors, monitor the quality of work and other processes. We will check the finished object for compliance with the customer’s specifications and design project. If necessary, we will correct all deficiencies.

Property Management

We provide services for the comprehensive management of any property. For example, we find tenants, negotiate rents, control payments. Organize maintenance. We will make sure that all the norms of the contract.

Your interests are the focus of attention!

Investing in real estate can be a difficult process. But we do everything we can to make you feel comfortable and the results meet your expectations.
In addition, we help you get the maximum return from the object and achieve your financial goals. Leave all problems and technical tasks to us. You only need to select the property and make the payment.

Our Team

We value our partners and employees. We respect the work of each specialist, we listen to the opinions and suggestions of the team and clients. We are open to dialogue and ready to grow. Respect is the key to successful cooperation.

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Victor Pamuzhak

Executive Director

Burak Yilmaz

Marketing Director

VIX Home

Why choose us?

- We will provide reliable guidance throughout the entire buying, selling and after-sales service process.
- We will assess your requirements and offer the best investment options that fit your lifestyle and budget.
- We work exclusively with trusted partners and major developers we trust.

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